Thank you for your hard work and taking care of our tree problems. I am impressed with your thorough cleanup and good work. I would recommend you to any of my clients who require tree service.”

~ Robin Peters


Bounty Real Estate has been using the services of Able Tree Service for over 15 years at properties we manage as well as at our personal properties. We appreciate their expertise and knowledge as well as their ability to provide excellent service. Many companies offer to butcher your trees, only a few like Able really know what they are doing.”

~ Jennifer Cote, Bounty Real Estate, LLC


I have been a customer of Able Tree Service, Inc. for many years. They are very prompt in inspecting any problem I may have with my trees or shrubs. Within a very short time I am mailed a written description of what should be done on my property including the cost of their parts and labor. Their pricing has always been reasonable and within my budget. There has never been a very long waiting period for services, and I’m always very pleased with how quickly and efficiently Able Tree Service takes care of my yard. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Able Tree Service to anyone with tree needs.”

~ Shirley E. Braxton


It is a pleasure to work with Able Tree Service. We have numerous trees to look after including evergreens, fruit and other broadleaf trees. Since the 1980’s we have called on Jim Cook and his team from Able Tree Service for many kinds of work. He brings a high level of professionalism, being very clear in the proposals, thoroughly itemizing cost estimates. Recommendations often include alternatives, making decisions easier about what to have done, or what you could do yourself. Jim Cook is an educator. Written prescriptions generally give explanations of why a product or procedure is being considered, and they define specialized terms in plain language. These could include care of new plantings; periodic pruning (for appearance as well as improved fruit bearing); insect control-insecticide and organic solutions; permanent supports between major limbs to prevent wind damage; and complete tree removal. Jim Cook works as though he were in his own yard. His willingness to visit personally about services, as needed, also reflects his love for the work. After a quarter century of this experience, I would entrust Able Tree Service with any kind of work and advice on trees.”

~ Tony and Marlene Beltramo