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Meanwhile, be sure to see the following helpful tips:


  • Information about currently active pests and insects in the Missoula area can be obtained by calling the Pest Alert Phone Line, a service of the Missoula County Extension Service. The recorded messages also inform callers about remedies for existing and expected garden and landscape insect and disease outbreaks.

    Call the Missoula Pest Alert Phone Line

    (406) 258-3820
    (Line open March – September)

  • We are proponents of mulching because of the many benefits it provides. For those who are wondering all the wonderful things that mulching can do for your landscaping, here is a handy list.

    Mulching 340x300

    Top 10 Advantages of Mulching

    1.  Protects roots from lawn mower & weed wacker
    2.  Reduces heat of soil in the summer
    3.  Keep soil warmer in winter
    4.  Retains moisture
    5.  Prevents compaction
    6.  Acts like a time release fertilizer
    7.  Eliminates competition
    8.  Protects exposed roots
    9.  Reduces raking, mowing, and fruit clean up
    10.  Helps the environment


  • Trouble with deer eating your tree branches and your garden? Here’s a great homemade recipe for deer repellent.

    Spraying homemade deer repellentEasy Homemade Deer Repellent Recipe

    Beat 1 egg together with:
    1/2 cup of milk,
    1 tablespoon of cooking oil,
    1 tablespoon of dish soap.
    Mix everything together with a gallon of water.

    Spray on plants as needed. It doesn’t take much to keep the deer out of the yard.
    Source: Country Extra Magazine, March 2006.