Chemical Applications Safer Than Ever!

Chemical applications are always a touchy subject. Many people are staunchly opposed to the use of chemicals on their property for their trees, and their concerns are definitely understandable. What alot of people don’t know is the multitude of application methods that are currently available to arborists when it comes to plant health care.

Up until now, Able Tree has utilized two distinct methods for applying chemicals: soil injections and foliar spraying. While each method has its pros and cons, we have traditionally utilized soil injections unless foliar spraying is absolutely necessary (for example, treating for Mountain Pine Beetle and Western Pine Beetle). Soil injections involve a ‘soil probe’, which is more or less a syringe that injects the product into the soil, where the product is uptaken by the root zone of the tree and translocated through the canopy in a matter of weeks. This method, in our opinion, is far superior to the foliar sprays that have been used for decades to apply insecticide due to the precision that the chemicals can be applied via soil injection (as compared to sprays, which can lose up to 50% of their volume due to wind drift and other environmental factors).

Even soil injects, unfortunately, have their limitations. When injecting the soil, it is still possible that some product will be lost due to leaching through the soil. While every effort is made to keep the product at its destination, there are certain instances where we simply cannot soil inject (next to bodies of water, for example).

This fall, we have started utilizing a new product in arboriculture, the ArborJet. While the basic principle has been around for some time, Arborjet is the latest in a series of products that are designed to apply minimal chemicals to trees without the risk of environmental contamination. While it is still very early in the process, the ArborJet is proving to be one of the greatest additions to our service menu in a very long time.

In order to complete an injection with the ArborJet, a minimal amount of small holes are drilled around the circumference of the tree. Then, a small plug is inserted into the hole, creating a one-way valve through which the chemical product can be injected into the tree. Using a small needle, a certified pesticide applicator can then inject a very small amount of product (usually just a few milliliters per hole), after which the tree uptakes the product and distributes it throughout the canopy of the tree. During the peak seasons for tree respiration (fall and spring), the product can be translocated throughout the canopy in as little as a week.

This system is proving invaluable on trees near sensitive areas, wuch as water sources, playgrounds, and school yards.  Once the product is injected into the trunk, it is permanently sealed in the tree and cannot escape to contaminate the surrounding environment.

Able Tree Service has long been very sensitive to the use of chemicals, and this system is the next step in the chemical application process that we use to make sure we preserve your tree values without forsaking the principles that have gotten us to where we are today.

If you have any questions regarding the process, including cost, please feel free to navigate to the contact page or to give us a call at (406) 549-9310.

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