New Stumper (Finally!)

As many of our current clients are aware, our current stump grinder has finally kicked the bucket. To be exact, it actually did the kicking in early August! But as of tomorrow, Able Tree will have a brand new stumper that will dramatically change the way that we grind stumps. I will be picking up the new machine tomorrow morning in Helena; if you have been waiting in our queue to get stumps ground, you should expect a call in the next week or two so we can schedule your jobs!

Chemical Applications Safer Than Ever!

Chemical applications are always a touchy subject. Many people are staunchly opposed to the use of chemicals on their property for their trees, and their concerns are definitely understandable. What alot of people don’t know is the multitude of application methods that are currently available to arborists when it comes to plant health care. UpContinue Reading

Tree work … Year Round?

Most people do not realize that with arboriculture, as opposed to most vocations that take place outside, we can continue to work throughout the winter. In fact, for some large removal jobs we can even bid jobs at a more competitive rate than we can during the busy season! Fruit trees are another example ofContinue Reading

Videos are trickling in!

We have been hard at work the last year making some videos with our GoPro camera, and are finally starting to get into post processing mode. Stay tuned to our YouTube page (use the green button in the right hand column) for future additions!

Coming along …slowly!

Well, the website has been a work in progress for sometime now, but we are finally moving right along! We are working on taking some photos and video for upload, so please check back soon to see our media updates! If you have any photos of our crew that you would like to share, pleaseContinue Reading

Welcome to Our New Site

Able Tree Service is thrilled to have our new website go live! Although it is still a work in progress, we are pleased to have our new site available to our current and prospective customers.Continue Reading